Zer0 Signal


Zer0 Signal consists of three base/factory themed levels and utilizes a custom texture set which fits well with the standard Quake II textures. The first two maps are medium in size while the third map serves as an epilogue.


Not long after the war on Stroggos came to an end, military scanners picked up a powerful signal from an unrevealed location on the alien home world. The origin of this signal could not be determined precisely, so a team of marines were quickly dispatched in the vicinity to investigate. As soon as the drop ships neared the landing zone, they were hit by enemy fire. Your drop ship took severe damage but you managed to jump out seconds before it exploded. With your team killed in action and all of the ship’s heavy weaponry scattered in the area, you took what was left of the supplies and prepared yourself for yet another battle against the unholy alliance of flesh and metal.


Game: Quake II
Category: maps
Version: 1
Release date: 06/18/2016
Advanced engine required: limit removing (e.g. KMQuake II)
Number of maps: 3
Type: single player only
Gameplay settings: standard

An in-game screenshot of Zer0 Signal

Download Zer0 Signal

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