Black Plague


Two new levels for Hexen II, taking place in Thysis, the Egyptian hub. These levels are a bit more focused on action rather than puzzle-solving.


Years after the demise of Eidolon, Thysis was ruled by Pharaoh Imhotep. It was once again a dark time for its citizens, for the pharaoh used ancient rituals that required human sacrifices to bestow great power upon himself, making him more creature than man. He longed for the power of the long forgotten Chaos Sphere. During the battle with Eidoldon, the sphere was destroyed and its fragments were hidden across the continents. He sent his magicians across the lands of Thyrion to search for them so that he could restore the ancient artifact, thereby giving him absolute power.

During their quest, Imhotep’s magicians learned the history of the Chaos Sphere and the dark forces it possessed. They could not allow the pharaoh to continue his plans and traveled back to Thysis to confront Imhotep in battle, ultimately defeating him. The remains of the pharaoh were then sealed in a tomb with a powerful magic seal, forever removing his reign of terror from the world. The temple was abandoned and the citizens of Thysis started anew.

Now, centuries later, a deadly plague ravages the continent of Thysis. The disease seems to originate from the ancient temple where Imhotep was entombed so many years ago. It has become a mystical place where no man dares to venture because of the many vile creatures that inhabit it. Four brave souls are determined to investigate the source of the plague, each with their own goals, being noble or depraved…


Game: Hexen II
Category: maps
Version: 1
Release date: 6/29/2014
Advanced engine required: none
Number of maps: 2
Type: single player only
Gameplay settings: standard

An in-game screenshot of Black Plague

Download Black Plague

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