Annie: Episode 1


Hell has broken loose once again! As before, you’re the only one who can send the demons back to where they belong. Face 16 challenging levels, divided into 4 distinct episodes with new monsters, new weapons, new textures, new music and heavy action! Using GZDoom, you can expect a large amount of features that were never possible with the original game like slopes, scripts, fog, 3D-floors and many more things that will significantly alter the experience you had with the vanilla version of Doom II.


After the invasion of Hell on Earth, UAC soldiers succeeded in capturing a live Spider Mastermind. She was then secretly transported to Thanatos, a colonized planet far away from Earth. Scientists began their experiments on the specimen which they later named Annie.

Annie’s purpose was to defend the human race against Hell should there ever be another encounter. With enhanced abilities, more intelligence and greater power, Annie became the humans’ ultimate weapon against evil.

But Hell was never meant to be contained. Soon after the experiments, Annie broke loose and left a trail of death in her wake. She summoned a portal, allowing a legion of demons to enter the planet and begin the invasion once again.

The UAC headquarters on Earth received a distress call by the last of the remaining UAC personnel on Thanatos. The message that the headquarters received was disrupted and chaotic, so the marines sent in to deal with the situation didn’t know exactly what to expect on Thanatos and were quickly overrun by the invaders.

As the only surviving member of your squad, you made your way into the nearest complex, hell-bent on shutting down the entire installation and facing the biggest threat that mankind has ever known…


Game: Doom II: Hell on Earth
Category: maps
Version: 1.1
Original release date: 8/15/2018
Version 1.1 release date: 10/9/2018
Advanced engine required: GZDoom
Number of maps: 5 (4 playable)
Type: single player only
Gameplay settings: this mod requires jumping, crouching and mouselook to progress. The mod also relies heavily on dynamic lights and fog, so make sure to enable those settings.

An in-game screenshot of Annie: Episode 1

Download Annie: Episode 1


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