Core Decay development update #5

Low poly modeling

Since very recently, I started doing some modeling for Core Decay as well to help Ivar out with the tremendous amount of work that still lies ahead. Low poly modeling is something that I’ve always wanted to learn and now I have the amazing opportunity to learn from an extremely skilled individual with over 10 years of experience.

Unfortunately I never got further than the basic modeling and even in that field I’ve got loads to learn, especially when it comes down to optimizing the model. Luckily, I can get some help on the fly during my live streams.

UV mapping and texturing is going to be a challenge for me but with Ivar around to guide me, I feel confident that I can learn a few new tricks and contribute some models to Core Decay aside from level design.

So far, I’ve been experimenting with some props and wall modules. Maya is completely new to me since I’ve only used Blender in the past but I must say I’m starting to get the hang of it. Surely, I don’t expect to be on the same level as Ivar anytime soon but at least I hope I can take some work off his back and I definitely look forward to learning more about modeling and texturing in general. If you’re interested in seeing how it all went down, you can check the video below.

Bekijk Core Decay Modeling 1 van SergeJkn op

For those of you who have an interest in modeling and game development in general, you can watch our live streams on Twitch. Ivar has been setting up his Twitch account and already started streaming game development.

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