Doom II: Annie – Episode 2 demo teaser

As most of you know, besides working on Core Decay, I’m currently working on my hobby project, Doom II: Annie, as well. Since I’m getting closer to releasing the first map of the second episode as a demo, I thought it’s time to give you a small update on what I’m doing at the moment and what remains to be done before the release.

At the time of writing, I’m basically working on the final details of the level’s geometry, adding and changing things wherever I see fit. This doesn’t mean that the level will be finished within the next couple of days unfortunately, because these small things actually take up more time than you would expect. It should take me at least a few more weeks to fully finish up the level’s geometry. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to make the level function, like doors opening, switches that do what they’re supposed to do, etc.

After I’m able to make my way from the starting point to the exit without having to resort to cheat codes, it’s time to populate the world with some familiar and some new monsters. I’ll do my best to keep a good balance between the old and the new. I’m still unsure whether to include custom weapons as well but we’ll see how it evolves.

Scripting is also an essential part and it usually happens at the same time as entity placement. I’m going to implement some interesting battles and scripted events so keep everything fresh and surprising.

I can’t wait to put the demo level into your hands and read what you think of the new direction I took with the second episode. For the sake of keeping some mystery, this will be the last update about the further development of the first map that will be placed online. I put together a small teaser video where I show off some of the areas I’ve been working on. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. Next time you see a Doom II: Annie update, it will be the first playable level of episode 2.

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