Core Decay level design update #2

Sooo, thanks to Ivar we have skyboxes now! Not just skyboxes but there’s a weather system in development as well and boy, does it look great!

Continuing building Blacksite

Naturally, as a level designer, I have to check out the cool new features that are added to Core Decay and make them look their best. The implementation of a sky paved the way for some nice outdoor areas and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing during last stream. I still have a ton of new ideas for environments that I would like to add to the Blacksite complex. The skybox actually had such an impact that I had to rethink certain ideas I had prior to this wonderful new feature.

The inclusion of a sky allows me to make the map look much bigger than it actually is – kinda what they did in Quake II as well. It’s really starting to look and feel like a true facility now. The more I work on this project, the more I believe this game will truly bring joy to the retro gaming fans.

Aliens anyone?

It’s a very early feature but here you can see the rain system in action on one of the testing maps. I immediately got some strong Aliens movie vibes when I first saw this in action, the part where the marines set foot on LV-426 and secure the landing zone. I knew something like that would make a perfect starting point for the map.

More functions and features are being added to Core Decay on an almost daily basis and are just begging to be implemented. If I were to make a careful estimation, I’d say that the general layout of Blacksite map is about 25% complete. There is a huge amount of stuff I’d like to put into my map but we have to take performance matters into consideration as well of course. Thankfully, Ivar is extremely skilled at what he does so I’m not expecting too much problems on that front.

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