Core Decay level design update #1

Several weeks ago I received the incredible honor of being able to make maps for a brand-new retro flavored FPS called Core Decay. For those of you who never heard of the game currently in development, you check out the website to learn more about the story and design elements because I will mainly post development news about the levels.


The first map that is assigned to me, is called Blacksite. The basic idea is that the Blacksite complex serves as a prison where the inhabitants had to undergo terrible experiments. The horrible truth is mainly explained through logs but there will be some environmental storytelling as well.

When designing the maps, I keep the Quake II aesthetic in mind because I feel like the general feel and look of the game is very much in line with id’s classic. I never hid the fact that I’m a huge Quake II fan so it makes me more than happy that I can include some elements in the game that evoke the feeling of playing one of id’s classics.

Modular approach

The post-processing looks absolutely astonishing and really gives the game that rough edge that I like so much. This is something I try to achieve in my levels as well. The modular approach to adding walls and floors really works. The design principle is simple, basically I’m choosing from a prefab list of wall and floor modules that can be rotated and placed wherever I desire. While it doesn’t allow for the same creative freedom you get from a game engine like Quake for example, there’s still a lot of room to express my creative freedom while at the same time makes consistency throughout the level easier than it’s ever been.

One of the best parts of working on Core Decay is that we’re a small team and the scope of the game is not immense. This way, it’s easier to work together and I can easily request custom modules that each individual level needs. so far, it has been a great pleasure working on this great game and I’m sure this will be a game that retro FPS fans like myself will thoroughly enjoy.

Live streaming

I stream game dev live on my Twitch channel in case you’re interested in seeing how this projects further develops in terms of level design. What I love most about live streaming, is interacting with my audience. I highly appreciate and value the opinion of my viewers during the stream and had more than one instance where a certain room or area was shaped based on viewer input. Hope to see you there someday! I’ll keep you posted on further updates.

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