Doom II: Annie level design – Secrets within secrets

Hello my fellow retro gaming fans! We’ve been working hard during today’s stream to create a super-secret area where I’m going to include a very cool Easter egg created by the wonderful Festus Van Geck and exclusively for this mod!

That’s not all. While was building the secret area, Festus did some amazing texture work, basically setting everything up for an awesome secret that you won’t easily forget!

The screenshot below shows the work in progress. Keep in mind that some of the textures on display still need some proper “icing” and the area is far from completed.

The super-secret area in development

There will be some more fun little things added as part of this secret area but we’re not going to spoil too much, otherwise it won’t be much of a secret, right?

The end of the geometry building for the first map of episode 2 is nearing its end. Once this is completed, we can start inhabit the world with the beautiful Doom 2 creatures…and some new critters as well.

Be sure to follow me on Twitch if you’re interested in learning more about level design and having some fun with my fellow Neon Vipers!

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