Progress report on Annie: Episode 2

During my latest Twitch live level design streams I’ve been working on the first map of the second episode of my Doom II project called Annie. I’ve recorded a small fast-forwarded video of the map building process. There’s still lots of work to do but the map is really taking shape and I’m very pleased with what I have so far. If you’re interested at getting a glimpse of the map, check out the video below. There are some in-game screenshots mixed in there as well.

Last but not least, I’ve got some great news I’d like to share with you! Zanieon, the well-known mapper from the MMDCXIV cyberpunk map for Doom II will be assisting me with the project. We will be working closely together to complete the maps for this episode. I’m very interested to see how our styles will match but if you’re familiar with his work, you can be sure to expect something great to emerge from this cooperation. If you somehow looked past MMDCXIV, the video below is a full playthrough of his wonderful map.

I can’t wait to share the first screenshots of our combined effort but until then, download and have a look at the first episode of Annie.

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