A look back at 2018 and a peek into the future

To start, I wish everyone a happy 2019 and I hope that all your dreams, wishes and resolutions come true! Now that’s out of the way, let’s have a look at what I did in 2018 and what the plans are for the new year.

What happened in 2018?

The first project I completed in 2018 was my first map for Unreal called Station H2SO4. It was a small single player map and initially started out as a test level to get acquainted with the Unreal editor. Soon after, ideas started flowing and I just decided to use what I learned and make a full level out of it. I experimented with combining two different texture sets and used a distinctive green color, which I used for the corrosive slime, against the black sky texture. I was pleased with the result and it worked out better than I expected. While there were some problems to overcome with UnrealEd and the way the engine handles BSP cuts, I really enjoyed working with the Unreal Editor and I will certainly make some more maps for Unreal in the future.

Station H2SO4, my first map for Unreal

Annie, my second project which had been dormant for several years, is my most ambitious effort so far. You might have heard of it because there was an article about it on PC GAMER. Although development did start more than 12 years ago, let me rectify the misconception that some people seem to have. After I finished the first level of Annie and released a demo version in 2012, active development was ceased. It was only after I finished my map for Unreal in 2018 that I continued my work on Annie. I completed the other 3 maps in a period of a couple of months and decided to divide the project into 4 separate episodes of which episode 1 got released in August 2018.

The first episode of Annie, my Doom II project

After the release of Annie, the development of two new single player maps started by the end of 2018. One for Half-Life and the other for Quake II. Both maps are still in active development and will be released somewhere in 2019 if everything goes according to plan. I also started streaming on my Twitch channel again and have been working on a plan to expand the quality of the stream so be sure to check it out in 2019 because there are going to be quite some changes.

My Quake II map, still in development

The plans for 2019

As I said, I’m planning to elevate my streams to the next level and I’m going to do some more design-related streams like level design and modeling as well. Besides completing my Half-Life and Quake II maps, I will begin my work on the second episode of Annie. I have been doing some preparations so I should be able to dive in as soon as I fire up the editor. I also like to give my YouTube channel some more love in the form of tutorials and level design analysis videos so expect some new content on there as well.

As for the rest, I’ll have to wait and see what 2019 has in store for me. One thing is certain: I will do my absolute best to provide you with quality content through hard work and dedication and I look forward to seeing you online!

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