The first steps in MilkShape 3D

During the last couple of days, I’ve been trying out some stuff in the 3D modeling program called MilkShape 3D. The program itself is pretty old but it has a ton of import and export options for a large variety of older games like Quake II, Half-Life, Max Payne, Kingpin, etc.

The extensive export options of MilkShape 3D

There’s this great tutorial written by therealzomb that covers a large chunk of the basics and provides you with a couple of examples so you can create your first models pretty early on without having to read a book about modeling. Of course, as mentioned before, this tutorial only covers the basics so there’s still a lot to learn but it at least helps you get on your way.

I read that many people use MilkShape 3D as a middle program, meaning they create their models in let’s say Blender and then import it into MilkShape 3D to convert the model to a format that’s used in their game of choice.

So far it has been a wonderful experience for me creating my first pencil in MilkShape 3D and I’m also looking forward to learn more about Blender so that I can make my own models in episode 2 of my Doom II: Annie project. I will gladly share anything I learn over time and when I’m skilled enough, write some tutorials about modeling as well.

Once I get the hang of it, I planning to do some live streaming of my modeling sessions but that’s something for the future. I can’t wait to show you my first fully finished model but for now, I’ll be focusing for the most part on getting my Half-Life and Quake II maps done.

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